The Spanish Orchard was born as a partnership between some local farmers which had not a direct access to the market in their wishing to create channel to commercialize and export their products directly from the land.

Beside, we were aware of the desire of our customer to have a single contact to deal with a bundle of products at the same place. Nowadays TSO is one of the major players in the Spanish food industry exporting to half of the world and fulfilling the needs of the most exigent markets.
We are fully committed to our community enhancing progress and affecting, not only the quality of the products offered to consumers, but also the environment where they are produced. Growing extraordinary, authentic and healthy products is TSO’s objective.



The fertile orchards of Murcia, of prehistoric origin, held today in the footsteps of his splendor of the Arab and Roman times. It was known as “The Garden of Al-Andalus” by its first inhabitants. More than 1300 years later Murcia is considered “The Garden of Europe” and remains the largest producer of fruits and vegetables in Europe with more than 4 million tons annual production.


The Spanish Orchard was created between local farmers to sell their products directly from the land. A single contact to deal with a great variety of products. A unique and wonderful land with more than 300 days of sunshine per year. A place where tradition and love for the land pass from parents to childrens.


Today, TSO holds the main role in the Spanish food industry. We export to numerous countries around the world fully committed to our community and the quality of the products offered. TSO’s principal objective is growing and selling extraordinary, authentic and healthy products.